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It’s a World Class Business Handbook Guide for connecting you to your target Clients. We bridged the gap between our buyer and supplier, manufacturer, trader, import & exporter and connect investor worldwide with big project

“OilGas” News Marine publications is a publisher of many professional directories and reference guides, & Business News , registered with the Abu Dhabi National Media Council, specifically for the OILGAS NEWS


“OilGas” News Marine publication, is a legally incorporated company within the Fujairah Creative Zone, with our offices in Fujairah and other established offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman,(Middle East) UK and the India sub-continent.

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The first edition of the Oilfield Directory had been published in 1990 Canada and thereafter every year in (Dec 31 or June) in 2013 we took all soul right from National Media Abu Dhabi Council UAE Oilfield Directory enjoys the creditability of being most referred Directory to the whole GCC region providing very accurate and validated Business Information pertaining to Buyer & supplier Its a Buyer Guide & Shipping, Transport, Heavy equipment hire, abnormal transportation, Cargo and Logistic Yacht Industry.

The Oilfield Directory had been published with the intention of serving the industry especially the industry’s buyers, The Oilfield Directory is segmented into two sections - classified and alphabetical both country wise.

The Role of  “Oilgas” news marine publications- it delivers expert coverage of the industrial sectors that matter most to you and your business. This includes news and updates on markets, projects, vessels, equipment, research, shipyards, shipping companies and the authorities dominating these markets. Whether you are a project employee, manager, Sea Captains, to the authority or/and executives, there is a place to find the latest developments in the maritime industry.

About OILFIELD DIRECTORY.AE online and print oilfield directory -The Oilfield Directory Middle East is the only authentic reference guide pertaining to the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical, shipping marine, yacht, Power and the Energy sectors of this region. This Directory has made rapid strides and has maintained a commendable record of being ahead of time year after year. The Directory has not rested on its laurels, as more and more International companies have participated in this indispensable publication. “Oilfield Directory Middle East” not only offers a glimpse into the wide spectrum of “OilGas”, offshore /onshore, marine, shipping fields but also provides a canvass for the growing entrepreneurs/top management within the region.

Our hardcopy oilfield directory is published once annually in the month of January or June. Also, “OilGas” News Marine publications, takes pride in the thoroughness, accuracy, and extent of the data it publishes. All companies engaged in any relevant activity of the sector, are linked irrespective of whatever the company advertises or not. Company profile listing forms are emailed or faxed extensively and continuously to ensure all date is correct.

The special Gulf & Middle East edition of the Oilfield Directory (OD) was published in August 2013 and internationally oilfield directory actively working “OilGas” Industry world we are associate in 1999 and thereafter every year in January and now our special edition is in circulation. The special Gulf Edition has been compiled with information on Over 19,000 companies and establishments operating in Supply, Support and Service sector of the OilGas, offshore marine, shipping and logistics industry in Middle East, UK, Europe and USA, Our online directory

To integrate “Oilgas” and associated industries, by linking all their services into a single directory and server to market ourselves within the Industry across the GCC and Middle East Spectrum, to achieve the status of having the highest quality, user-friendly directory.

Services in the GCC are currently fragmented and we know that our one-stop-shopping approach will work. Overseas vendors will gain easier and greater access to the Oil & Gas Industry and will therefore become more competitive which will in turn benefit the UAE in general.

Oilfield Directory is in association with “OilGas” News Marine Publications enjoy a circulation of 90,000 worldwide copies attributed to:

  • All major “Oil & Gas” companies in the UAE and Internationally
  • All major yacht companies in the UAE and Internationally
  • All major shipping & marine companies in the UAE and Internationally
  • All major trading companies in the UAE and the GCC
  • All major importers and exporters around the GCC
  • All clients listed in our directory
  • All trade missions and Embassies in the GCC
  • All inclusive Export Councils of South Eastern Asian Countries (China, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam)
  • All GCC Conferences and Exhibitions related to “Oilgas”, offshore, Marine and Logistical Enterprises

Oilfield Directory : An Informative Database on oilfield directory which is target oriented and very User-friendly…

The Oilfield Directory is an authoritative and definitive reference guide for both Oil & Gas, Shipping, Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Yacht and Marine Industries in the Middle East. We cover all the Middle East Countries – United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain etc. Distinctive as the ONLY Directory of its Kind; exclusively targeted to the Oil, Gas, Energy and Petrochemical industry within the Middle East.

Until now, there has not been a comprehensive medium available for the reference of Oil and Gas Industrial World: Manufacturers, Agencies, Ship Owners, Freight Forwarders, Importers/Exporters, Buyers, Suppliers and Traders, to inform them of the world class service providers located either in the UAE or in the other GCC countries. URL: Oilfielddirectory.ae has undoubtedly filled this void in the industry or sector.


Business networking with Principals/Decision makers, Business Leaders and Manufacturers, that are looking to enhance/establish their presence in the Middle East region, to facilitate agencies and dealerships

We are seeking potential opportunities to set up joint venture manufacturing, oil & gas, lubricants facilities in the UAE for our young business leaders We are interested in establishing business relationships with organizations that are Buyers and Suppliers related to OIL & GAS, MARINE, SHIPPING sections for our valuable clients, inclusive of our assistance to them

To network ourselves and all Clients who belong to our directory; online and to print consolidating our position and relationships.

To expand our operation by finding new additional representations and possible joint ventures from the Middle east to the International arena

Locating new technology partners as well as evaluating and vetting business development opportunities

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OGNMP/OILGAS NEWS MARINE PUBLICATIONS is a dynamic independent publishing, Expert & specialized seminars & training, Business Conference and events Exhibitions organization focused on the Oil & Gas, Offshore, Maritime, Shipping and Energy and transportation industries. We deliver the highest quality strategic information in the most comprehensive and convenient formats – via Business News Online & print, or Get Connecting Worldwide Business world in conferences

We are specialized of authentic business data, company profile and business leader / ENTREPRENEURS/TOP MANAGEMENT