Bay City Electric Works

Bay City Electric Works

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About Bay City Electric Works Bay City Electric Works is a premier KOHLER distributor of emergency generator systems, automatic transfer switches and paralleling switchgear. “Our goal is to become the finest generator systems supplier in Southern California. We are building a winning team, with the most experienced technicians, most knowledgeable staff, and commitment to providing total power solutions to our customers,” said Mark Loftin, President and CEO. Mark Loftin is the founder of Loftin Equipment Company, an industrial engine and generator distributor based in Phoenix, Arizona, with branches in Texas and Nevada. Joining Mark Loftin in ownership of Bay City Electric Works are Rodney Lee, President and COO and Charles Loftin, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Bay City was founded in 1932 and in 1997, was honored by Kohler Co. as Generator Distributor of the Year.

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