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We Make Carbon-Free Energy for 2 million Texas homes The South Texas Project Electric Generating Station, is a nuclear power station southwest of Bay City, Texas, United States. STP occupies a 12,200-acre site west of the Colorado River about 90 miles southwest of Houston. South Texas Project (STP) Electric Generating Station South Texas Project, Units 1 and 2 (NRC image) South Texas Project, Units 1 & 2 (NRC image) Official name South Texas Project Electric Generating Station Country United States Location Matagorda County, near Bay City, Texas Coordinates 28°47′44″N 96°2′56″WCoordinates: 28°47′44″N 96°2′56″W Status Operational Construction began December 22, 1975 Commission date Unit 1: August 25, 1988 Unit 2: June 19, 1989 Construction cost Units 1–2: $12.55 billion (USD 2010) or $14.4 billion in 2018 dollars[1] Owner(s) NRG Energy (44%) City of San Antonio (40%) City of Austin (16%) Operator(s) STP Nuclear Operating Company (STPNOC) Nuclear power station Reactor type PWR Reactor supplier Westinghouse Cooling source Main Cooling Reservoir (7,000 acres (2,800 ha), up to 202,600 acre feet (249,900,000 m3) of cooling water storage, filled by pumping water from the Colorado River) Thermal capacity 2 × 3853 MWth Power generation Units operational 2 × 1280 MW Make and model WH 4-loop (DRYAMB) Units planned 2 × 1350 MW ABWR Nameplate capacity 2560 MW Capacity factor 96.37% (2017) 83.55% (lifetime) Annual net output 21,612 GWh (2017) External links Website Commons Related media on Commons The South Texas Project Electric Generating Station is one of the newest and largest nuclear power facilities in the nation STP's two units produce 2,700 megawatts of carbon-free electricity - providing affordable clean energy for more than two million Texas homes. Our facility is located in the beautiful coastal community of Matagorda County, which is situated on the Texas Gulf Coast only about an hour southwest of Houston. Our facility co-exists with the natural habitat and wetlands that are home to many animals, including alligators, deer and ducks. We worked with conservation groups to build and maintain a 110-acre Texas Prairie Wetland Project on our site. Protecting Our Environment Nuclear energy is the only large-scale source of carbon-free electric generation. Nuclear power facilities produce electricity without emitting carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. It’s clean-air energy. Nuclear power facilities generate about 70 percent of all clean-air electricity in the U.S. The volume of greenhouse gas emissions prevented at nuclear power plants is equivalent to taking 92 percent of all passenger cars off America’s roadways. Each year, the South Texas Project avoids the emission of approximately 16 million tons of carbon dioxide, 10,000 tons of nitrogen oxide and 38,000 tons of sulfur dioxide from polluting the air. Our facility safely delivers carbon-free energy to two million Texas homes every second of every day. Since STP began commercial operation more than 20 years ago, it has been an industry leader in safety, reliability and efficiency. The two-unit facility consistently leads all U.S. nuclear plants in energy production. At STP Nuclear Operating Company, we care about our environment. About STP Nuclear Operating Company STP's safety and performance record is industry leading. Our facility was honored as one of America's safest companies by EHS Today, the nation's first nuclear facility to be recognized in the history of the award. STP also has been recognized by the American Nuclear Society with its Utility Achievement Award for the company's prolonged commitment to safe and economical operations. Vision Inspiring the best in people, creating opportunity and empowering change to be the leading energy company in the world ​ Mission Create value for our owners, employees and communities by generating safe, reliable and affordable electricity for the long term.​ Core Values Safety We promote excellence in nuclear, radiological, environmental and personal safety. Integrity We behave in a manner that is worthy of trust. ​ Teamwork We work together toward common goals. ​ Excellence We strive to deliver our highest levels of performance. Code of Conduct At STP Nuclear Operating Company, we are committed to conducting business with honesty, integrity and fairness. Our Core Values – Safety, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence – are the standard we hold ourselves accountable to each and every day. Adherence to these values has earned us a high level of trust within our communities and among our owners and regulators. We never take that for granted. Fundamental to that commitment is our Code of Conduct, which outlines the specific behaviors that are expected of all employees. The Code of Conduct establishes clear expectations of what it means to work at STP. The Code of Conduct provides policies and procedures that govern ethical conduct and compliance issues. Use it as a guide whenever you face an ethical dilemma.

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