The true story of a smart work bring success

Mr. Krishan Lal Khurana, MD of Chandigara Transport (and more) has been a friend and Client of mine for years now, and during a recent chat, he shared his journey from the back streets of Chandigarh to his entrepreneurship in UAE.

Krishan shared it this way;

He was born to a typical Indian family and after somewhat of an uneventful youth, made his way, in 1979, as a Helper to Dubai, where he worked for Oriental Trading Company, (Lebanon). He did menial tasks and earned a Basic salary of 700 AED (200 AED of which, was for lengthy overtime works). Then, the INR was 2 to 1 on the AED. Accommodation was included so he lived off a paltry 200 AED and repatriated 10,000 INR to his mother in India.

He worked vigorously and also managed to earn and pass his JCB Driver’s License and then worked for a further 3 more years as an Excavator Operator. His salary after 5 years work was 1000 AED (including massive overtime). Krishan improved his earning power when he passed his  Truck Driver’s License, and worked as an Excavator, Pick-up, Crane, Truck Driver for another 4 years.

In 1987, he moved on to his second job to Tiger Steel Engineering, Sharjah and worked there as a Truck Driver, eventually deciding after 18 years to set-up his own operation, having bought his first truck, a used one that he rented out to others, further expanding his rental operation to 3 trucks by 2006, which signalled his need to be hands-on if the 3 trucks were to create a larger and meaningful enterprise.

In May 2006, he formed a Partnership to establish Chardigarh Transport LLC. By 2009 he had expanded into the Buying & Selling market where he suffered a set-back of losing around 1Mil AED as a result of the recession and other failed Transport Company Operators, who did not survive through this bleak business period.

Learning from this valuable lesson, he re-aligned his position and formed 2 businesses not linked directly to Truck ownership, but still requiring his experience of driving, operating and owning Trucks.

Today, Chandigarh Transport LLC is successful and has a happy Staff of 184 loyal employees.

Kishan’s other 2 sole ownership Companies are:

Al Sadik Tyres & Lube, Al Aweer, 5 happy employees

Al Sadik Auto Maintenance, Al Aweer, 11 happy employees

Krishan owns a house in Dubai, while his wife, runs a digital photo studio business in India. Their daughter and son work as a Software Engineer and A/C Engineer respectively.

Krishan could not single out anyone who can be credited with his success, only his own sheer  determination and hand work in Dubai, which is a very lucky city for him. “Thanks to God for rewarding my hardwork!”