Abdul Kader Diab (GM), International Trading Circle LLC


International Trading Circle L.L.C.

Abdul Kader Diab (General Manager)

P.O. Box : 41972
CITY: Abu Dhabi
TEL  : +971-2-4433878
FAX : +971-2-4466123
EMAIL : itcauh@itc.ae

Company Representation / Sponsorship in Oil & Gas Industries Onshore & Offshore Fields, Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Water Treatment Plants, Construction, Defense, Medical & Lab Instrument & Equipment Suppliers. Our services included, but not limited to Benchmarking, Strategy Consulting, E-Survey, Business Intelligence & Consulting, Project Representation, Business Networking, Market Research, and Market & International Trade.

SERVICES by Industry
• Oil and Gas
• Aerospace & Aviation
• Defense
• Construction
• Petrochemicals
• Agriculture
• Industrial
• Utilities
• Logistics
• Communication
• Power Generation (fuel & solar)
• Waste Management

ITC is a forward thinking company that has been successfully guiding international companies since 1979 which seek to create and sustain a strong presence in Abu Dhabi by offering value creation and competitive advantage through its wide spectrum of services and its existing client database. Led by the phenomenal growth of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, ITC has successfully attracted worldwide companies interested in participating in the boom industries of Oil, Gas, Power, Water, Construction, Telecommunications, Defense and Aviation.


Both our business approach and culture are committed to offering to our regional marketplace superior quality products and services at cost efficient and competitive prices, exceeding expectations of our clients and principals. We shall relentlessly strive to be acknowledged as a Middle Eastern group that will continuously impress, lead and dominate the business arena by offering a range of economic activities perfectly balanced to respond to the real needs and opportunities of our marketplace.

We are driven by a single objective to optimize returns on the business ventures and investments that we, and our partners, will make in our area. Our attitude and methodology will be to proactively seek to improve our range of activities in each industry. Strategic alliances and associations with professionals will be pursued and formed when needed. Flexibility and swiftness in reactions will be maintained. Information, intelligence and technology are our tools towards success and competitiveness.

P.O. Box 41972, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: +971-2-4433878
Fax: +971-2-4466123
Email :itcauh@itc.ae, sales@itc.ae

Ms. Manal Al-Baghdadi
Sales Manager

Mr. Padmakumar D.
Senior Accountant