ADMMI Engineering

ADMMI Engineering Reliability

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

In the field of Industrial equipment marketing and technical support, lives may depend on the proper functioning of the sophisticated machinery. Professionalism, integrity and reliability are not just desirable: they are prerequisites. ADMMI believes that the success of our Engineering Services business is due as much to our good corporate reputation as to our expertise and the quality product lines we represent.

ADMMI Engineering provides a wide range of equipment and support service in four broad areas:
• Oil & Gas
• Instrumentation
• Water Services
• Contracts.
• Key Accounts.

Comprehensive technical expertise and a fully integrated Sales and support operation has enabled ADMMI Engineering to move beyond workaday product representation to offer complete finely tuned solutions to customer needs. ADMMI Engineering services is ISO 9001:2008 certified as a testament for our superior administrative and management systems and practices.

ADMMI Engineering Services is one among a select few distributors in this region who has got established presence in Water, Waste Water, Oil & Gas, Power and Infrastructure Industries. The products we handle are manufactured by reputable industry leaders, and combined with our technical expertise, we are able to provide our customers cost-effective solutions other than just products or services.

A Commitment to Excellence.

Customer Satisfaction and business growth for our Principals are clear priorities for ADMMI Engineering, but our commitment to excellence goes beyond this. Employee and community health, safety and environmental protection are also vital issues for us – hence the emphasis we place on training and awareness building among our own staff and those employed by our customers to operate and undertake routine maintenance on our products and systems.

ADMMI Engineering has been in operation from the very inception of the development of Abu Dhabi emirate and today we can proudly look back and say that we have been an active participant in the various projects undertaken to transform this emirate in to the modern metropolis as seen today.

Oil & Gas
ADMMI Engineering is a leading supplier to the Oil & Gas industry with major international partners in this sector. We provide automated Well Testing Solutions using Multi Port selector Manifolds (MSM) and Multi Phase flow meter (MPFM) philosophy. We represent Emerson-Bettis for their complete Valve automation Portfolio in terms of Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Gas over Oil and Electric operated Actuators. In the MPFM market, our association with Haimo has been quite successful in securing key installations owing to the superior accuracy of the products supplied. Further, we represent ATV Spa, Anderson Greenwood Crosby and Saunders for various types of Valves and Lewa GmbH for Chemical injection pumps & packages.

From year 2005, in line with the revised HSE policy of ADNOC, over 100 stations in UAE were upgraded and new locations added with improved Gas Detectors in the Control rooms and LPG rooms. ADMMI Engineering offered a comprehensive solution towards this in association with M/s Industrial Scientific Oldham Gas Alarm Panels.

We are also associated with DH Budenberg for Primary Pressure Instruments, GE Druck for Calibrators & Sensors and Draka for Power, Instrumentation and Marine cables.

Water & Waste Water
ADMMI Engineering had always been a prominent player in the water & wastewater industry. When it comes to the utility pipelines, we had been a single point source for supplying all the Ductile Iron components which goes in to the intermediate chambers along with the pipe itself from Saint Gobain PAM France/UK. In the Water treatment segment, we represent Wallace & Tiernan and Electro catalytic – both part of Siemens water Technologies- for Gas/Electro chlorination systems. In addition to the above, the portfolio also includes Tholander GmbH for Odour control units, Watergates, Australia for Penstocks and Flap gates, DFC, South Africa for Surge control, Zefyr, UK and Aco Guss, Germany for special Access hatches and covers.

ADMMI Engineering had been instrumental in handling major Turnkey projects in Water treatment and Odour Control segments. Aided by our expertise in this region for the last two decades, we design, construct, install and commission the complete plants for On site Electrolytic Chlorination (OSEC) systems and Odour control through Chemical scrubbing, Bio filters or Activated Carbon filters. Few of the major installations we had undertaken in the last few years includes Shweihat S1 pumping station, Zadco Umm Al Dalk Sea Water Electro Chlorination, Yas Island & Saadiyat Island Odour control units, Mafraq and Jebel Ali Sewage Treatment Plants and Umm Al Nar Utilities for Arabian Power Company.

Key Accounts
Our Key Accounts division handles very special products along with specialised services. By combining our expertise with Industry leaders, we have managed to propose various service activities to ADNOC on power generation, sub sea cable procurement etc. A major product representation in this division is Sherwin Williams, USA for Industrial and Passive Fire Protection applications.