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Our special Middle East Edition/International Edition 21 is in circulation. In addition, an added section for Middle East, with an oilgas database of over 9,900 companies is included. 

As our name suggests, we cater for all Oilgas, Shipping, Marine, Yacht Industries and their Associated Services, like Transportation, Supply Chain Management, Travel and Tourism, Exhibitions in the Middle East and Exporters/Service providers, from and to the Region. Our directory is distributed every January and enjoys the credibility of being the most revered source to the whole region for providing accurate and validated business information. Our directory, 2015 issue, is available as are the contemporaneous online versions:

Oilfield Directory (UAE registered with National Media Council Abu Dhabi   )OilGas News Marine Publications enjoys a worldwide circulation 

• All major OilGas companies in UAE and International

• All major yacht companies in UAE and International

• All major shipping & marine companies in UAE and International

• All major trading companies in UAE and GCC

• All major importers and exporters around the GCC

• All clients listed in the directory

• All trade missions and Embassies in GCC

• All Export Councils of Far Eastern countries (China, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam)

• All GCC Conferences and Exhibitions related to Oilgas, Marine and Logistical Enterprises

Oilfield Directory - An Informative Database on oilfield directory It is a target oriented and very User-friendly

The Oilfield Directory is an authoritative and definitive reference guide for the OilGas, Shipping, Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Yacht and Marine Industries in the Middle East. We cover all the Middle East Countries – United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain etc. Distinctive as the ONLY Directory of its Kind; exclusively targeted to the Oil, Gas, Energy and Petrochemical industry in the Middle East.

Until now, there has not been a comprehensive medium available for the reference of Oil and Gas Industries World, Manufacturers, Agencies, Ship Owners, Freight Forwarders, Importers/Exporters, Buyers, Suppliers and Traders, to inform them of the world class service providers located either in UAE or in the other GCC countries. has undoubtedly filled this void!!!

It’s a World Class Business Handbook Guide for connecting you to your target Clients. 


-      Business networking with Principals/Decision makers, Business Leaders and Manufacturers, that are looking to enhance/establish  their presence in the Middle East region, to facilitate agencies and dealerships

-      we are looking for potential opportunities to set up joint venture manufacturing, oilgas, lubricants facilities in the UAE for our young business leaders

-      we are interested in establishing business relationships with organizations that are Buyers and Suppliers related to OILGAS, MARINE, SHIPPING sections for our valuable clients, to help all of them

-      to network ourselves and all Clients who belong to our directory; online and print, to consolidate our position and relationships.

-      To expand our operation by finding new additional representations and possible joint ventures from the Middle East and Internationally

-      to find new technology partners as well as look into business development opportunities

UNSEEN,UNTOLD ARE UNSOLD :- We bridge the gap, between all our buyer, supplier, traders, manufacturers, Connecting Entire World -Everyday is a new day for us and we work really hard to satisfy our customers everywhere.